Saturday, 18 January 2014

Nerd Girl

Goodreads Summary
Everyone knows that office romances can be risky, but how much are you willing to sacrifice for love?

Julia Hayes is beautiful, successful, sometimes nerdy, and perpetually single. She lives in Seattle and just landed her dream job at one of the most iconic technology companies in the world.

When Julia embarks on a new career opportunity, a serendipitous event literally throws her in the path of Ryan McGraw, the hot and charming VP. As the attraction grows between them, it's not long before Julia realizes that things are more complicated than they appear.

Nerd Girl is a heartwarming love story about a woman at the crossroads between true love and her career. It's about deciding what’s most important in life and taking chances to get it. But most of all, it's about not letting your mind prevent you from following your heart.

My Thoughts
This book was cute. I read a lot of boy meets girl stories, don't I? Ya I need to read a wider selection in 2014. Anyway...

Julia meets Ryan in an unconventional way and just can't stop thinking about him; we've all been there.
The beginning of their "relationship" was cute, but as time progressed their courting reminded me a little of this toothpaste commercial. You know the one where she sees her entire future with the guy because he smiled at her.

I must note that I don't have anything against fan fiction. I love it and was a reader for years, but this story felt a little bit like a fan fiction to me. The drama in this book never seemed to end. Just let these two be happy already! Fan fiction writers had a tendency to do that too. Maybe that's just the norm in adult fiction these days. Also there was some scenes with forced dialogue, but nothing that I really bothered me.

However, this book did have a lot going for it too. The connection between these two was undeniable. It's this kind of connection that women dream of. Not only that, but the book was funny. Nothing that had me rolling on the floor, but funny. The characters were pretty damn good too. I found Julia to be adorable. She was a nerd, but also a powerful woman. Her twin sister Anna is the free spirit that I wish I could be. Ryan was sexy and sweet. The love scenes were...believable and there were weren't so many that I felt like I should have just picked up a book with Fabio on the cover.

At the end of the day this book was good. I would recommend it to those that like a love story and don't mind a little drama.

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