Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Four (Divergent # 0.1- 0.4)

Goodreads Summary
Two years before Beatrice Prior made her choice, the sixteen-year-old son of Abnegation’s faction leader did the same. Tobias’s transfer to Dauntless is a chance to begin again. Here, he will not be called the name his parents gave him. Here, he will not let fear turn him into a cowering child.

Newly christened “Four,” he discovers during initiation that he will succeed in Dauntless. Initiation is only the beginning, though; Four must claim his place in the Dauntless hierarchy. His decisions will affect future initiates as well as uncover secrets that could threaten his own future—and the future of the entire faction system.

Two years later, Four is poised to take action, but the course is still unclear. The first new initiate who jumps into the net might change all that. With her, the way to righting their world might become clear. With her, it might become possible to be Tobias once again.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth comes a companion volume to the worldwide bestselling divergent series, told from the per-spective of the immensely popular character Tobias. The four pieces included here—The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son, and The Traitor—plus three additional exclusive scenes, give readers an electrifying glimpse into the history and heart of Tobias, and set the stage for the epic saga of the Divergent trilogy.

What did I think?
I found Four's perspective to be interesting. Was it as engaging as Tris'? Well no. We get to see his daily struggle as a Dauntless member as he moves up in the ranks, but I oddly didn't feel as connected to him as I did with Tris. This could be because we got to see so little in comaprasion, but I'm not sure. We do gain some insight as to why he treated Tris the way he did, but I wanted more. Mostly, because I am a giant girl, I wanted to experience his first kiss. Yes we did get to see him get his first tattoo, his first day working at Dauntless, and grieving (a little) over Amar, but it just wasn't enough for me. 

I don't want it to seem like I didn't enjoy the book because I did. I am happy that it can join my Divergent books on my shelf. I just wish there was more to it.

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