Saturday, 22 March 2014

Divergent: The Movie

*Possible spoilers. Look out for asterisks.*

Divergent is one of the most anticipated movies of 2014 especially for book lovers like myself. I am a big fan of the books. I own them. I love them. Basically there was a lot for this movie to live up to, but I think it did a really good job.

I loved the casting for this movie. I was hesitant when Shailene Woodley was cast, but she made an amazing Tris. She looked strong, but didn't come off as cocky. Her acting was pretty close to perfect. Then there's Theo James as Four. And yes I call him Four. I don't think I have earned the right to call him Tobias. Theo could not have played this part any better. He was mysterious, sexy, and protective all at once. I had only seen him in one other role and he seemed stiff, but not here. He played Four exactly as I saw him in book. 

The other characters were well cast too. Ansel Elgort was adorable as Caleb. I was only weirded out by the whole "he will be dating his sister in his next role" thing for a second before I forgot all about it. He has a boyish quality about him that is so important for Caleb to have. Plus I must say the running scenes were just adorable. Zoe Kravitz as Christina was great. Al...I was not expecting Al to be hot. Wasn't he fat in the book? Peter was played well. Psycho much? Perfect. Plus who knew Kate Winslet could play such a bitch? Another amazing job. I wish there were more scenes with Zeke and Uriah, but that's what Insurgent is for, right?

The plot did follow pretty well from what I can remember.

 **** SPOILERS****
 I did miss Edward getting stabbed in the eye. I think it helped portray Peter as an enemy. Also I think the 'army' scenes happened pretty quickly. I don't remember the book speeding up that fast towards the end. I don't think this affected the movie too negatively though. 


At the end of the day this was a really good movie. I will definitely be buying the dvd and keeping my fingers crossed that Insurgent and Allegiant get made as well. 

What did you all think? Let me know! 


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