Monday, 3 February 2014

Bloodmark (Bloodmark #1)

*This book was sent to me by the author*

Goodreads Summary
Sixteen-year-old werewolf princess Ashling Boru is different from other wolves—she was able to shift to wolf form at birth. Rather than bringing pride to her family, it brings fear, and as a result, she is forced to live in seclusion in Ireland’s countryside. Ashling’s reputation is further blackened when she refuses her betrothed and defies the ancient laws. When her pack’s oldest rivals begin hunting her, she finds herself in the small town of York Harbor, Maine—far from everything she’s ever known.

In Maine, she crosses paths with the dark and rebellious Grey Donavan, and something ignites within her soul. There’s just one problem: Grey is human. Their instant connection turns into a passionate romance, and Ashling begins to believe she can create her own life outside of wolf laws. When she begins to uncover long-buried pack secrets—secrets that threaten to destroy all she holds dear—Ashling’s courage and tenacity are tested. Will she choose her deep and enduring love for Grey, or will she follow Old Mother’s path to her destiny?

What Did I Think?
 I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  I have been hesitant to read any werewolf books since Jacob Black. I also tried reading the Shiver series, but couldn't connect with the characters. Finally Bloodmark was capable of changing my mind about the species. 

We meet Ashling in Ireland and she is wild and sheltered.  I loved her character. She is ripped away from her home and from her mother to live with a stranger in a new place.  Despite the upheaval I thought she was bold and remarkable, but still naive due to her upbringing. When she meets Grey (I love that name) they are instantly connected. I wasn't too keen on the instant love that happened between these two, but it makes sense considering wolves mate for life.  Sometimes they were too sweet and almost cheesy (remember I am a bitter, single girl).

I loved the family aspect of this book. It didn't matter if they were blood related or family through circumstances, they came to love each other. They were fierce in their love for Ashling and would do anything for her and sometimes this meant pain for poor Grey.

There was a bit of a pacing issue for me. Some aspects of the story were dragged out a little more than I would have liked and other aspects were only touched upon. Hopefully the parts I am curious about will be considered for the sequels (this is a Saga, so there should be sequels).

Oh and remember that danger that ripped her from her home? Well it crosses the ocean in order to attack her and her family in Maine!

I can't wait for this book to be read by teenage girls...and full grown women everywhere!

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