Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Crazy Love

Goodreads Summary
After dropping out of law school, Sam Beaumont fears coming home will either be like sucking poison out of snakebite or drowning in a bathtub of gin. He dreads the whirlwind of being a blue-blood in Savannah, and between his mother and his brother a peaceful existence is out of the question.

Miles away from her ugly past, Annie Clarke is thriving in pharmacy school. Uncomfortable with her own success, she begins to fall back to her self-sabotaging ways.

Then along comes Trip Beaumont, a hot, edgy artist. Every instinct in her says run, which only makes him that much more tempting. The day she finally agrees to go out with him, his younger brother, Sam, shows up. Sam’s first words about Trip chill her: “Don’t be fooled by the act. Prince Charming is a toxic monster.”

Annie soon sees that Sam’s callous exterior is a direct result of coping with a family as dysfunctional as her own. Could love shield them both from spiraling into madness, or will their crazy worlds collide like renegade storm fronts leaving devastation and destruction in their wake?

My Thoughts
This book was all over the place. I wish it had focused on Annie and Sam's different childhoods and then their love story, but it was all over the map. It didn't delve into any area enough.  

The characters were okay. Sam, Trip, and Annie were pretty well developed, but I didn't find myself interested in anyone else. The triangle...errr square bugged me. Plus Sam and Annie went from hating each other to being in love far too quickly. I don't know it just seemed like the good parts were skipped over and the boring parts were drawn out. Not my favourite read. 

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